About us

Burnt Umber is born from a Passion for Fashion. Passion for Quality. Therefore our supporting line to our brand is “We Are Mad About Quality”.

Burnt Umber creates fashion which is ultimate in quality but at the same time affordable and wearable.

Burnt Umber picks up trends and developments, incorporates them into pieces appropriate for the target group. It offers its consumers exactly what they dream of: fashionable clothing with perfect fit , un-paralleled quality and the right affordable price.

For the Burnt Umber brand, its product is the hero and therefore all advertisements of the brand talk about its product, their features and the benefits for the customers that use them. The brand fully believes in innovation, be it colors, fashion trends or styling.

The typical Burnt Umber consumer is self confident, contemporary and is open to the world around him. Dressing well is important to him. His clothing must underscore his personality. With his sure sense of personal style, he moves confidently in all circles.

The Burnt Umber consumer is that person who has already claimed his position in life and who defines his own style. He is open to new ideas while at the same time values permanence.

In a world of fast paced change, the Burnt Umber brand offers certainty of always being well dressed. This makes the brand authentic.

Fashion from Burnt Umber offers strong trends rather than short-lived superficial hype. Those who choose the Burnt Umber brand are doing more than just demonstrating their sure sense of style. They are donning proof that they are a small but decisive step ahead of their time.

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