Indigo Geometrical Floral Hand block Half Sleeve Printed Shirt

₹ 1,499.00 ₹ 750.00

This Shirt is made from 100% Cotton, treated with our signature wash to give a luxurious hand feel features pocket on the right hand side for easy comfort and storage for the customer. Made from light fabric suitable for the Indian summer, this breathable kurta is the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Printed using the unique style of hand-block printing which is strongly associated with the village of Sanganer. Vibrant and delicate lines, creating finer designs like the poppy, rose and lotus, usually against a white background, are well known characteristic of garments and fabrics that are printed in Sanganer.

Hand Block printing techniques are created by artisans who painstakingly crave wooden blocks in the required design. These blocks are subsequently dipped in a dye bath and stamped onto the fabric with skilled precision. Imperfections in the body of print are a unique characterise of Hand block printing and add to the value of this wearable art.

The hand-block printing techniques used in creating this unique garment use natural dyes which have a tendency to bleed colour during wash, we recommend that this garment is washed separately, using mild detergent and cold water cycles in the machine or preferably by hand wash.

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